Monday Bunsday

Start off your week by kicking your own booty! 30 seconds run in place 20 goblet squats 20 plie pulses 20 squats 30 seconds squat jumps 20 donkey kicks each leg 20 hydrants each leg 10 donkey kick pulses each leg 20 alternating back lunges 10 lunge pulses each leg ( step back into lunge, pulse as low as you… Read more →

Tabata Xtreme Thursday

Check out this interval workout we did in a Tabata Xtreme class that I subbed recently! Do each set of exercises 3 times,  then move on to the next set. 30 secs each exercise. Set 1 Boxer shuffles Jab jacks Triple jab then cross punch with a shuffle, alternating sides High low jabs to the side with a plie on… Read more →

Superbowl Sculpt

Alright team!  Its time to get those muscles moving before the big game! 1 minute jumping jacks 25 plies with rows 25 plies with lat pulldowns 1 minute mountain climbers 10 push ups 10 wide arm push ups 10 push ups with alternating shoulder taps 1 minute squat jumps 25 squats with bicep curls 25 squats with overhead presses 1… Read more →